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Ali and Natalie epically fail the practice run of their green card marriage interview, and have THREE DAYS to get their shit together if they don't want to get investigated for marriage fraud.


This is a 15-minute proof of concept web pilot about two friends from drastically different backgrounds whose fake ass marriage forces them to confront their real ass feelings.

Part immigrant story, part will-they-or-won't-they love story, our series asks the question: how do you navigate a system that's set up for you to fail, and who helps you along

the way? 

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TV Series:

Our ultimate goal is to develop our series with a production house and pitch to television networks, and we have a half-hour pilot script, pitch deck, and season one outline ready to go. We envision Legit Married spanning a multi-season arc from the beginning of Ali and Natalie's green card marriage through their divorce.  Yes -- this is a romantic comedy that ends in divorce! But in our case, their divorce celebrates the milestone of Ali getting his green card, and the commitment of two lifelong friends who will continue to support each other like family, even after they’re no longer legally bound.


Web Series:

Pitching a tv series can be a lengthy process, and in the interim, we're seeking investors to help us produce an additional 4 episodes of the web series version of Legit Married in order to get this story out into the world and build our audience.  Some of the most exciting episodic storytelling exists in the digital space, proving that good content doesn't need to have a multi-million dollar budget. Interested in helping? 

Email us at LegitMarried@gmail.com.